Alice 3D

Notes and Assignments

Mr. G's Alice 3D Unit


Controlling Light in Alice 3D

Tutorial for Arrays and Lists

Video Tutorials

Mr. G's Playlist for Alice 3D

Alice 2.4 YouTube Playlist by "Programming Tutorials by Steve"


Alice Website

Alice - 3D Models Gallery

Introduction to Alice Programming

Duke University's Alice Tutorials

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Resources - Audio

Alice Website - Sounds - Free Sound Clips

Sound Effects Pack - Background Music

Sound Effects Pack - Beast

Sound Effects Pack - Dragon

Sound Effects Pack - Eating

Sound Effects Pack - Footsteps

Sound Effects Pack - Laughter

Sound Effects Pack - Musical Cues

Sound Effects Pack - Nature

Resources - 3D Objects

Note: To add new objects to your Alice Worlds, go to File | Insert

Alice Website - More 3D Objects

Object Pack - Buildings

Object Pack - Miscellaneous

Object Pack - Street

Object Pack - Vehicles

Sample Worlds

Right-click on the following links and choose "Save File As..."

Note: You cannot open the worlds by double-clicking on them. You must open them from Alice.

Bouncing Ball

Dragon Circling Castle

Dragon Descends to Drawbridge

Dragon Flapping Wings

Dragon Shaking Head

Girl Approaching Horse

Girl Riding Horse

Helicopter Flight Simulator

Jumping Fish

Marching Soldier

Wizard and Trolls