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Mr. G's Playlist for App Inventor

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"App Inventor 2 - Create Your Own Android Apps" Video Tutorials

Tutorials (Tutorial Series) - Learning to Build Apps with App Inventor

Hello Purr

Magic 8-ball



Mini Golf: Fling, TouchUp, TouchDown Gestures for App Inventor 2

Advanced Tutorials


App Inventor 2 (Requires a Google Account)

App Inventor 2 Website

Cool App made with Code Studio (you could make a similar one with App Inventor)


App Inventor 2 - Create Your Own Android Apps

Rapid Prototyping with MIT App Inventor

Code Flash Cards

Adding Sound

Bounce Ball Off Canvas Edge

Collision Detection

Creating Your Own Color

Detecting Phone Shaking

Drag a Sprite

Drawing on a Canvas

Fling Movement

Movement using a Timer

Movement with Buttons

Random Numbers

Sensor Movement

Speech Recognition

Start and Stop Timed Movement

Working with Multiple Screens

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Animation Assignment

Slot Machine

Hangman Assignment