Audio Editing

Notes and Resources

It is highly recommended that you bring in a good pair of headphones (not ear buds) for this unit.

Audacity User Manual

Basic Audio Recording

Tips for Better Audio Recording

Audio Cheat Sheet

Podcasting Tips

Free Software


LAME MP3 Encoder for Audacity

MixPad and Switch

Video Tutorials

Mr. G's Playlist for Audacity

Mr. G's Playlist for MixPad

Mr. G's Playlist for Switch

Project 1 - Split a Track

"Foreplay - Long Time" is a song from Boston's debut album. Carefully split the track into two separate tracks at the appropriate place.

Request the MP3 file required for this project from your teacher.

Project 2 - Remix a Track

Brian Wilson was the creative genius behind most of the Beach Boys hits. The album "Pet Sounds" was named the 2nd best album of all-time by Rolling Stone magazine. Brian often liked to record segments and then mix and remix them until he got the result he wanted.

Request the MP3 files required for this project from your teacher.

You will get:

Wouldn't it be Nice (Stereo)
Wouldn't it be Nice (Backing Track)
Wouldn't it be Nice (Vocals)

Mix the Backing Track and the Vocals to create your own version of the song. Fade volume up and down to create unique effects (for example: you can eliminate the track for parts of the song so that it becomes acapella). Add beats if you want.

Project 3 - Record Your Own Podcast

Record a 3-5 minute podcast on a topic of your choice. The podcast should sound professional with intro music, background music (where appropriate), etc. You should interview (or have a conversation with) at least one person.

You can use the soundroom to record.

Rubric for Podcast