Programming with C++

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Notes and Assignments


Quick Challenge [2 marks]

Assignment [10 marks]

Introduction to Programming

Introduction to Programming


Comments and Whitespace

Errors - Syntax, Runtime and Logical

Introduction to C++

C++ Reference Cheat Sheet

Hello World

Friends Database

Getting Assignments Marked

Quiz Game

Making Decisions - If and Switch

Making Decisions - Quick Challenge (Hardcopy)

Loops - For, While, Do-While

Loops - Quick Challenge (Hardcopy)

Leap Year?

Random Numbers

Guessing Game

Rectangle Drawer

Armstrong Numbers

Compound Interest

Rock Paper Scissors

Make Your Own Story


Fibonacci Sequence

Adventure Game

Adventure Game Grid

Adventure Game Grid - Filled Out Example

Strings and Chars

Strings and Chars - Quick Challenge (Hardcopy)

Email Address Generator

Morse Code Encoder

Four Letter Words


Change Case

File Input and Output

Word Counter


Cheque Mate

Hangman Puzzles

Hangman ASCII Graphics