Student Expectations

Growth Mindset

Independent Learners

Students are expected to be Independent Learners.


It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all assignments are handed in.

Always keep a back up copy of assignments.

Always get an assignment marked before you start the next one.

Students must retain all marked assignments to safeguard against possible discrepancies in their final mark.

Note: You can request to see your marks at any time you wish.

Academic Honesty

All issues of Plagiarism and Academic Honestly will be dealt with as outlined in the school's Academic Honesty Policy.

Student Expectations

All students are expected to ...

It is expected that every student will make a positive contribution to their school. To be successful it is essential that you ...

You are responsible for your own Learning when you ...

You are responsible for your own Actions when you ...

Your are responsible for your own Environment when you ...

Achieving Success

If you wish to obtain maximum marks, you should consider the following: