Kodu Game Lab

Kodu Game Lab Unit Progression

  1. Watch the Video Tutorials (link below)
  2. Assignment - Maze Game
  3. Assignment - Racing Game
  4. Assignment - Soccer Game
  5. Assignment - Small-scale Video Game
  6. Assignment - Large-scale Video Game

Note: Assignment descriptions and marking sheets can be found in "Mr. G's Kodu Game Lab Unit" PDF (link below)

Notes and Assignments

Mr. G's Kodu Game Lab Unit


Video Tutorials

Mr. G's Playlist for Kodu Game Lab

Files for Maze Tutorials

File for Maze Tutorial 1

File for Maze Tutorial 2

File for Maze Tutorial 3

Game Packaging

Game Packaging Instructions

Game Packaging Template


Kodu Game Lab Website


What is Kodu?

Getting Started - Keyboard and Mouse

Getting Started - XBox Controller

Single Session Introduction

Keyboard and Mouse

Xbox Controller

Math Module


Kodu Lessons

Planet Kodu - Game Design Course

Designing Games with Kodu Game Lab - Participant Manual v2

The following lessons were created by Alex McNeice and downloaded from Edmodo Spotlight.

Lesson 1 - Platform Jumping

Lesson 2 - Adding Enemies

Lesson 3 - Creating a 2 Player Game

Lesson 4 - Using Paths

Lesson 5 - Using Pages

Lesson 6 - Keeping Score

Lesson 7 - Advanced Kodu