Lego EV3 Robotics

Notes and Assignments

Introduction to Robotics

Robotics with Lego EV3

Tracking Sheet

Video Tutorials

Mr. G's Playlist for Lego Robotics EV3

Lego Robotics Tutorials from Microsoft Education

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

Go to the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy website and complete the tutorials (see page 8 of the "Robotics with Lego EV3" PDF for a list of the tutorials you must complete).

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

Project - Educator Vehicle

Educator Vehicle - Building Instructions

Project - Gyro Boy

Gyro Boy - Building Instructions

Gyro Boy - Program Description

Gyro Boy - Challenge Video

Project - Puppy Bot

Puppy - Building Instructions

Puppy - Program Description

Puppy - Challenge Video

Project - Robot Arm

Robot Arm - Building Instructions

Robot Arm - Program Description

Robot Arm - Challenge Video

Project - Color Sorter

Color Sorter - Building Instructions

Color Sorter - Program Description

Color Sorter - Challenge Video


Documentation - Building

User Guide (Education Edition)



Gear Principles

Documentation - Programming

Programming Overview

Programming Icons

Sound File List

Image File List