Vectorian Giotto

Pre-requisite Reading

Principles of Animation

Story Boarding

About Vectorian Giotto

Vectorian Giotto is a freeware clone of Adobe Flash.

It is no longer being supported or developed.

The majority of the notes and tutorials in this unit are for Adobe Flash, but can be easily adapted to Vectorian Giotto.


Vectorian Giotto (

Video Tutorials (Vectorian Giotto)

Vectorian Giotto Introduction

Vectorian Giotto Bouncing Ball

Tutorials Playlist by Mr. Jacobson

Notes and Assignments (Adobe Flash)

Flash - Notes and Assignments

Mr. G's YouTube Channel has a Playlist for Flash Animations

Documentation (Adobe Flash)

Flash CS4 Documentation

Resources - Free Sound Clips

Examples (Adobe Flash)

Right-click on the following links and choose "Save File As..."

Archer (Opening Credits)

Movie Countdown (by Mr. Ingimundson)

Flying (by Mr. Ingimundson)

da Vinci

DNA (Yahoo! Advertisement)

Molecules (Sharp Air Purification Advertisement)

Teddy Bear (Riversong Greeting Card)

Bike (by Diego Maclean)

Bee Careful (by Lord Godfrey)

Cartoons - A Public Service Announcement

Managing Stress

Frame by Frame Animation Example

Student Work (Adobe Flash)

Assignment 1 - Pong

Assignment 2 - Letters of Your Name

20 Second Movie - 100 Dollars

Two Minute Movie (2007) - Zombie Attack II

Two Minute Movie (2007) - Falling

Two Minute Movie (2012) - The Fishing Trip

Two Minute Movie (2012) - Black and White

Two Minute Movie (2012) - The Dreamer

Two Minute Movie (2012) - A Historic Event