Video Editing

Notes and Resources

It is recommended that you bring in a good pair of headphones for this unit.

Tips for Shooting Video with a SmartPhone

Free Software


Panzoid (create video intros)


Adobe TV

Adobe Premiere Pro - Getting Started

Adobe Premiere Pro - Tutorials

Adobe Premiere Pro - User Guide

Video Tutorials

Learn Premiere Pro in 20 Minutes

Premiere Pro Tutorials Playlist

Story Boards

Storyboards (Website for Digital Storyboarding)

Project 1 - Perspective Trickery

Create a video similar to the following:

Forced Perspective - A Guide to UNREAL Camera Tricks

Easy Optical Illusion Tricks to make Magic Video

Man Jumps into a Bottle

Jason Paul's Freerunning Illusions

Rubric for Video Project

Project 2 - Me, Myself and I

Create a video similar to the following:

Service Learning Concert 2019 Promo

You should be the only "actor" in the video.

Note: For the video above, I only had 2 hours to shoot and edit, so your video should definitely contain better recording and editing.

Rubric for Video Project