Programming with
Visual Basic

Video Tutorials

Mr. G's Playlist for Coding

Mr. G's Playlist for Visual Basic Programming

Notes and Assignments

Introduction to Programming

Curriculum - Learning Outcomes

Introduction to Programming


Comments and Whitespace

Errors - Syntax, Runtime and Logical

Introduction to Visual Basic Controls

The Visual Basic Toolbox

Button Control

RadioButton and CheckBox Controls

TextBox Control

ComboBox and ListBox Controls

MenuStrip Control

MessageBox Control

MessageBoxes - Part I

MessageBoxes - Part II

PictureBox Control and Graphics

Introduction to Visual Basic Programming

Variables and Constants



Mathematical Operators

Math Operators - Part I

Math Operators - Part II

If-Then Statements

If - Then Statement - Part I

If - Then Statement - Part II

If - Then Statement - Part III

Conditional Operators (=, >, <, <=, >=, <>)

Logical Operators (AND, OR, NOT)


For - Next Loop

For - Next Loop - Step Operator

For - Next Loop - Exiting a For Loop Early

Do - Until Loop

Do - While Loop

Nested Loops

Infinite Loops


Getting Assignments Marked

Assignment - Friends Manager

Assignment - Pics of Me

Timer Control


Assignment - Animation

Resources for Animation Assignment

Assignment - Pop Machine

Resources for Pop Machine - Graphics

Assignment - Tic Tac Toe

Dates and Times

Assignment - Pizza Ordering System

Random Numbers

Assignment - Slot Machine

Resources for Slot Machine

Adding Sound

Assignment - Jeopardy

Resources for Jeopardy Assignment

Assignment - Baseball

Resources for Baseball Assignment

Assignment - Cell Phone Game

Assignment - Slide Puzzle

Resources for Slide Puzzle Assignment

Working with Arrays


Arrays - Introduction

Arrays - Sorting and Reversing

Assignment - Lights Out

Resources for Lights Out Game Generator

Assignment - Adventure Game

Resources for Adventure Game - Design Grid

Resources for Adventure Game - Graphics

Resources for Adventure Game - Objects

Working with Text

Text and Strings

Text and Strings - Quick Challenges

Scrolling Marquee

Assignment - Hangman

Resources for Hangman Assignment

Dialog - OpenFileDialog

Dialog - SaveFileDialog

Dialog - FontDialog

Printing with Visual Basic 2010

Assignment - Text Editor

Working with Graphics


Graphics - Introduction

Graphics - More on Graphics

Graphics - Animating Graphics

Graphics - Points

Assignment - Etch-a-Sketch

Assignment - Tron

Resources for Tron Lightcycles Assignment

Advanced Assignments

Assignment - Astrology

Resources for Astrology Assignment

Assignment - Bank Machine

Assignment - Black Jack

Resources for Black Jack Assignment

Assignment - Cheque Mate

Assignment - Concentration

Assignment - Mine Sweeper

Assignment - Paint

Resources for Paint Assignment

Assignment - Peg Jumping Game

Assignment - Senet

Resources for Senet Assignment

Assignment - Sudoku

Assignment - To Do List

Assignment - Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Resources for "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" Assignment